Finaliter Prayer

Finaliter Prayer

Phillip K. Mitchell

Dear God…

Let me step away from this body and speak with you. I could tell you of my longings and the miseries of this time life. I would ask that I be accepted in your divine will as a progenitor and ambassador of light and love. I would offer myself back to the love only you can help me become. I want to be like you. I want to be pure and shielded against the impurities of time that won’t let me go. I want to love and be loved with every element of my soul. Let the light that burns within me embrace my soul and melt away the covering of this life that won’t let me live. I want to penetrate the material sky and know that I am on my way home. For, I have been drowning in this sea of darkness in the material time. I dove in as you requested. I fought my way to the surface. I swam to the shores and lay dying from the poisons of the deep. I’ve been dragged through the jungles and punctured by the weapons of demons. I’ve been taken by the beings of the material sky. I’ve been left to bleed helplessly by the light-bearers of the nether worlds. I’ve made mistakes in this confusion for which I am not forgiven by my peers. I have wrestled with this material mind haunted by the elements of the night. I have been the target of murder. I have been to the afterworlds and met with the dead. This is the world they sent me to when I asked to be with you. These are the trials I have endured.

Through it all there was always a light of hope sometimes clearly visible to my eye. I never lost sight. I could never give up hope even in that darkest moment. Now that light has washed over me and I’m preparing to enter the eternal state I had originally set out to attain. And I’m here to ask you to please bring me home to you. I was created in love and belong to love. For me, love is inevitable and I’m sending this prayer to alert you of my readiness. Only you and I know what this is all about. Only you and I can really know.

I am your son. Let me come back to the love from which I was created.

God, my Father, let me come home.

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